Why Wicked Wave

Wicked Wakesurf developed the first aftermarket surf wave enhancement paddle, which has been tried and tested extensively over the past three years.

After many different prototypes, pro-rider feedback and input we believe we’ve created the best wave possible.

We have developed the optimal dimensions to displace more water and make a better wave…there’s no replacement for displacement. Our product is custom made to fit your specific boat.

Our goal is to provide you with a high quality yet affordable product to make your surf wave Wicked.

  • Our Wicked Wave creates a long, curling wave – perfect for both beginners and advanced riders
  • You can still tweak the wave by adjusting the placement of your ballast and wedge, but listing the boat is no longer needed.
  • Spend more time surfing, less time filling ballast bags to list your boat.
  • A wave that works right out of the box, assemble your Wicked Wave and you are ready to go.
  • Time on the water is limited, we want to maximize your time at an affordable cost.