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Wicked Wave Assembly Instructions

Download Assembly Instructions here acrobat-iconDownload PDF

NOTE: If you need instructions for Axis boats, click here


You will need:

  • Drill with 5/16” bit
  • Phillips head screw driver
  • Silver marker or something to mark on black HDPE

1. Assembling the Mount: attach angled piece (labeled “R” or “L”) to mount with “W” on it by threading both hex bolts into the two corresponding holes on the side of the angled piece (1st pic). The large part of the hole should be closest to the boat. Secure the “W” piece to the angled piece by sliding the hex bolts into the corresponding key holes (2nd pic). Tighten down the bolts.

2. Attaching mount to deck: Pop the plastic foot pads off the turn knobs.
Thread the knobs through the top holes on the “W” mount. Reattach the foot pads. Slip the mount onto the deck and slide forward toward transom and tighten.

3. Paddle placement check: First, check approximate paddle placement by lining the paddle up to the assembled mount to ensure the paddle is as far to the side of the transom as possible, without extending past the side hull. Adjust mount position by sliding back or forward to achieve best paddle position, mount should attach roughly in the middle of the paddle.

4. Eyehook attachment: Sit paddle aside for now. Chose one of the three holes for the eyebolt in order to have the turnbuckle attach to the tie down and be secure the eye hook should pull the mount upwards. Now mount is secure,the eye hook should pull the mount upwards we will attach the paddle.

5. Paddle attachment: Hold the paddle in place and mark three holes through the angle mount slots. See marks on paddle in below pic. Drill through the holes with 5/16” bit. Attach paddle to mount with bolts/nuts supplied, holding one side in place with Phillips head.