This device has been used for hundreds of hours without any damage to the boat, swim deck or gel coat. We have not experienced any signs of stress, gel coat cracks or undue damage to boats. However, it is important to always remember to remove your Wicked Wave when you are not surfing or when you are riding at speeds over 13 MPH. Wicked Wakesurf Designs recommends checking your boat and swim deck after each use for any signs of stress.
The Wicked Wave is simply slid on and off the swim deck and secured with two turn nobs and a turnbuckle. There is no drilling or permanent alterations to you boat or swim deck.
The recommended speed is anywhere from 10.5-12.5 mph, the average is around 11 mph. We recommend you remove the Wicked Wave when you aren’t riding or if you’re riding over 13mph.
The Wicked Wave mounts on the side OPPOSITE of the rider, so if you ride “goofy” you’ll need to order a device for the port/left side of the boat.
The Wicked Wave extends the length of both the wave and the pocket with the best of both worlds; closer to the boat the wave is mellower and more suited for skim style surfing, deeper in the pocket the wave is more curling with a permanent lip--excellent for surf style riding. Additionally, the wave hooks behind the surfer making recovery easier if the rider loses the pocket.
We can make a Wicked Wave for most Malibus and some Mastercrafts. We are currently accepting requests for custom builds…see our “Fit My Boat" request form for more information.
The current builds come in black.
The short answer is yes. The Wicked Wave improves the shape and size of the wave but the more weight in the boat the bigger the wave. You will no longer need to list the boat unevenly.
We accept returns of unassembled product for 30 days after the original purchase date. Returns must be shipped back in original condition with all the included hardware. Shipping costs are nonrefundable. If you have an issue with your Wicked please contact us and we will help get your problem resolved.
First, make sure that the turnbuckle is pulling the mount upwards to a horizontal position so that the mount is not angled downward. If you still have a problem getting the mount to secure contact us directly and we’ll help you work it out.
We have tested multiple different configurations and our current system allows for the best wave possible with the most secure attachment method. Our goal is to attach the wicked wave as securely as possible to your boat—without drilling—so that it doesn’t pop off, all the while giving you an awesome wave.
In order to give you a device that will be extremely durable and last a long time, we chose a combination of material that we not fall apart or break down after repetitive use…however, this heavy duty material does not float so we always recommend that your first step in putting it on your boat is to securely attach the turnbuckle.